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The Blockbuster Effect

The Blockbuster Effect defined: when we trust that what is working now will always work. Everyone remembers those stores that rented thousands of movies housed in blue boxes. They seemed to be on every corner, yet this once-booming company filed for bankruptcy in 2010.  As a marketing professional, I’ve seen many examples of this seismic fizzle after years of success. Often a new solution, product, or platform enters the market with a technological advantage. Recently I spoke to two entrepreneurs who launched a new company after a successful exit based on a solution that was created in their first start-up. Initially, the venture had a significant technological advantage which resulted in rapid sales growth leading to the close with a few major health systems. As technologists, the focus was on continuous improvement with the platform adding features as clients asked and offering dynamic proactive service. All good right? Sort of. They

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Blog Hero: Hope for 2013

Hope for 2013

As we near the end of 2012, a difficult twelve months for many Americans both personally and professionally, a Forbes article by Kevin Kruse caught

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Blog Hero: Nun Surfing: On Taking Chances

On Taking Chances

On nearly my 48th birthday I did something a little crazy—I jumped out of a plane at 14,000 feet, yep more than 2 ½ miles

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Blog Hero: Entrepreneurs Say

Sh*t Entrepreneurs Say

Jeff Haden has captured some hilarious truth in a recent article in “Inc” focused on things that entrepreneurs says Sh*t Entrepreneurs Say. After years of

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Blog Hero: Now Do What I Say

The Punching Nun Blog

We’re a Team Damn It…Now Do What I say! Valuable information I never heard in graduate school but learned on the job(s) <wife, mother and

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