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Honors Convocation

Although more than 3 decades have passed, my experience at St. Vincent College continues to impact my life in many ways and my prayer is that each of you will share this same experience. I was in the first class of women to graduate from SVC. I transferred from William & Mary where I was on a basketball scholarship. I continued to play here at St. Vincent. This was the first major life decision I made on my own, without my parents’ permission. You can imagine that this didn’t go over very well, and it would take years for my wonderful parents to appreciate that it was indeed my destiny to be a Bearcat. I believe the turning point with them was when I joined the college board this year—Italian’s struggle a bit with forgiveness. I’m amazed at the enhancements to our beautiful campus! Back in the day, things were

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Blog Hero: Entrepreneurs Say

Sh*t Entrepreneurs Say

Jeff Haden has captured some hilarious truth in a recent article in “Inc” focused on things that entrepreneurs says Sh*t Entrepreneurs Say. After years of

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Blog Hero: Now Do What I Say

The Punching Nun Blog

We’re a Team Damn It…Now Do What I say! Valuable information I never heard in graduate school but learned on the job(s) <wife, mother and

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