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Heading Into 2023

Like most Americans, I wanted 2022 to end.

The chaos, threats of war, an economy in freefall, distrust of the institutions we once held dear and the schism between right and left have resulted in heightened anxiety in every quarter of our country. One thing we all seem to agree on is that a feeling of heaviness permeates every interaction, and the very soul of America.

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Blog Hero: Nun Surfing: On Taking Chances

On Taking Chances

On nearly my 48th birthday I did something a little crazy—I jumped out of a plane at 14,000 feet, yep more than 2 ½ miles

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Blog Hero: Entrepreneurs Say

Sh*t Entrepreneurs Say

Jeff Haden has captured some hilarious truth in a recent article in “Inc” focused on things that entrepreneurs says Sh*t Entrepreneurs Say. After years of

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Blog Hero: Now Do What I Say

The Punching Nun Blog

We’re a Team Damn It…Now Do What I say! Valuable information I never heard in graduate school but learned on the job(s) <wife, mother and

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