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We’re a Team Damn It…Now Do What I say!

Valuable information I never heard in graduate school but learned on the job(s) <wife, mother and executive>.

After 21 years on the job (ok, on many jobs) I’ve learned a few things. At just 24 I left graduate school on fire to have an office of my very own, a hard-won reward for years of diligent study (but zero practical experience). With a great deal of real life under my belt I finally feel the need to share (or vent—those two concepts are very closely aligned).

I come from funny people so anything can be an opportunity to laugh, even your career.  Most of what I know (the stuff that’s worth something) is the result of real OJT, not books (what women ever really read “Who Moved My Cheese”—if it was about moving my shoes, or my shoe closet—that I might read).  Graduate school doesn’t really prepare you for complex working relationships—but 17 years trapped in the emotional gymnastics of a bad marriage while working for a handful of startups (before and after the market exploded) has been akin to getting a PhD!

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