Meet The Convent

Less experienced internal staff can do the job, but at what cost? PNG delivers a Chief Marketing Officer and a full team deeply experienced in your industry.

PNG offers our clients strategic marketing plan development, effective implementation, rapid project turnaround, comprehensive reporting, and most importantly, affordability.

amanda cecconi

CEO & Founder

Mother Superior

mandy caldwell

Director of Digital Marketing

Second to Nun

marinda cauley

Convent Operations

The Bad Habit

samantha shewalter

Public Relations


tara silvestri

Account Executive

Mother Puncher

heather rivenburg

Account Executive


kelley swann

Account Executive

The Miracle Worker

abby davenport

Account Executive


kelly regan

Account Support


The Story Behind The

“punching nun”​

When I was with Ascension Health, the nation’s largest not-for-profit healthcare system, I met some amazing people. I’m a businessperson and a serial entrepreneur, so this was not typical (or even comfortable), but it was extremely enlightening. Beyond developing a deep understanding of women’s health, the operational challenges of the hospital environment, and the nuances of affiliated physician practices, I found something else.

I discovered that I developed a natural affinity and camaraderie with the few remaining nuns involved in senior management. They were humble, focused, patient-centered, and mission driven, making them invaluable servant-leaders. They were bold about doing the right thing and identifying creative ways to manage costs and improve service.

As I re-launched my consulting practice, I could think of nothing more appropriate than honoring those women while incorporating my sense of humor. When I approached my business partners with the concept, they were wary but acknowledged that it was memorable and would raise interest and questions.

Admit it; you were wondering.

Amanda Cecconi,

Mother Superior (The Founding Nun)