Blog Hero: Social Media: "What He Said"

Social Media; “What He Said”

In his blog, Seth Godin writes about the Trap of Social Media Noise. Truth be told, most of what Seth says is so dead-on, I looked this one up just to see if he agreed with what I wanted to say. Fortunately, he does.

These days, most of my new clients begin our relationship wanting to know what I think about social media. Most times I feel compelled to ask, “What do you want that to achieve with social media in terms of your total marketing strategy?” The blank stare speaks volumes. Don’t get me wrong; there is a place and time for social media in any marketing effort but it in and of itself is no measure of success.

Like Seth Godin, I’m from the school of “what we say matters.”  The goal of any marketing effort should be clarity, not noise. In regard to social media or any marketing effort quality must win over quantity. Social media functions as a way to put your opinion (and your reputation) on the line with an audience who can make or break your company. Generating leads but no sales with a bait and switch strategy or followers with no value are both great ways to spend money with zero bottom-line impact.

Marketing is about creating interesting and high-impact content. Social media is a way to position yourself and your organization as a leader in your industry or market niche.

You only do that by actually being a leader and having valuable, insightful things to say. If the folks who can buy your product or are influencers in the sale want to listen to your opinion then you’ve succeeded. Maybe that’s old school but it’s also good advice, ask Seth…

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