Heading Into 2023

Like most Americans, I wanted 2022 to end.

The chaos, threats of war, an economy in freefall, distrust of the institutions we once held dear and the schism between right and left have resulted in heightened anxiety in every quarter of our country. One thing we all seem to agree on is that a feeling of heaviness permeates every interaction, and the very soul of America.

Prohibition & Entrepreneurialism

Blog Hero: Ersilia Conjoli Cecconi

This is Ersilia Conjoli Cecconi. In this picture (circa 1900) she was 22. I believe it to be her wedding photo. Ersilia is my great grandmother, and my hero. In fact, I made Ersilia my confirmation name (for all you Catholics you can appreciate the grief I took for not picking a Saints name—the Nuns […]

Hope for 2013

Blog Hero: Hope for 2013

As we near the end of 2012, a difficult twelve months for many Americans both personally and professionally, a Forbes article by Kevin Kruse caught my eye this morning Schwarzkopf. With the passing of General Norman Schwarzkopf (Stormin’ Norman to those of use who remember his leadership during Desert Storm) I can’t help but be […]

A New Spin on Marketing: The Art of Communicating from the Inside Out

Blog Hero: New Spin on Marketing: Simon Sinek at TED

A sharp friend introduced me to this May 4, 2010 TEDx Presentation by Simon Sinek, a sharp/tragically hip leadership guru who has a unique spin on the art of marketing. On his web site he starts his own bio with “Simon Sinek is an optimist.” I like that, and I believe it (The Nun is […]

Your Story Is Your Brand

Blog Hero: Elizabeth McMillan: Your Story Is Your Brand

I wish I’d written that but Liz Ryan, Career Commentator (Huffington Post) beat me to it. In an economy where so many are looking for new positions or reinventing themselves, it’s always a good time to really think about how you want to present yourself in the new economy. When you sell a product the […]

Leadership Lessons from “The Godfather”

Blog Hero: The Godfather: Leadership Lessons

Seriously, how could I refuse?  In an April 2, 2012 article in Fast Company by Lydia Dishman, some sage advice is shared with executives in growth organizations on the merits of leadership Mafia style. 1.     Build a Powerful Community Whether it’s your friendly funeral home director or doing a favor for a new LinkedIn connection, […]

The Next Generation of Corporate Marketing

Blog Hero: Next Gen Corporate Marketing

Increasingly, companies recognize their future is only as promising as their ability to turn strategy into action. Unique among strategic consulting firms, we bring a purpose-driven perspective transitioning a CEO’s vision into an action plan. The Punching Nun Group provides support to start-ups and mid-sized businesses for a fraction of the cost of hiring a […]

The CEO’s Marketing Right Hand

Blog Hero: CEO's Marketing Right-Hand

Think of Us as Your Marketing Director The CEO should be the #1 marketing visionary for the company. Our job is to capture, articulate and implement that vision to support growth and expansion. The Punching Nun’s job is to translate your value proposition into an insightful, actionable and measurable strategic marketing plan that delivers results. […]

Distinctive Clarity and Relevance

Blog Hero: Clarity / Relevance

Distinctive Clarity and RelevanceFor Your Company A company gains enormous advantage when it knows explicitly where it is going and how it will get there… The Punching Nun Group incorporates your financial, product and sales/marketing strategy into a comprehensive, succinct plan to support fund raising, internal communication and external presentation of your organization’s goals and […]