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I Will Not Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

Why? Because it’s not actually a vaccine, it is a type of gene therapy called mRNA and it’s still in clinical trial—making half of Americans the biggest mass experiment on society ever conducted.

As a parent of two children with an incurable disease (Friedrich’s Ataxia, a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy) I’m well aware of the risk/reward of clinical trial participation. This is a decision not taken lightly but with no alternatives, being at the tip of the spear is rational.

The long-term impacts of this vaccine are not clear but there is risk that those of us with overactive immune systems and women of childbearing age could suffer crippling negative effects down the road. And the really bad news, it’s a clinical trial so there will be no recourse.

We take the risk when there are no other options. But Covid is not Muscular Dystrophy. There actually are treatments. I’ve known that from the beginning. I’ve physically picked up and taken several dear friends to a clinic here in Franklin to receive treatment. I’ve directed a hundred others—and the results are zero deaths, zero hospitalizations. I’ve made a commitment, no one in my family (blood or otherwise) is going to face COVID untreated. Sadly, more than 300,000 Americans were never even given the option.

In listening to a recent presentation by Dr. Ryan Cole, a Mayo Clinic trained board certified anatomic and clinical pathologist with expertise in immunology and virology who has personally seen about 350,000 patients in his career and a hundred thousand COVID tests in the past year ,a phrase he coined really resonated with me—Therapeutic Nihilism. For those who remember “The Big Lebowski” and the line, “We are nihilists, we believe in nothing” that provides insight into Cole’s thesis.

Physicians across the country, including many here in Tennessee, told patients to go home until their lips turned blue and only then come to the hospital. Show up when you are so sick that you are literally hallucinating. Yes, that happened. Doing “nothing” was labeled a ‘protocol’. To put this in context—imagine that you get an infection but instead of having your primary care provider prescribe antibiotics, she says, “go home and when you are septic, come to the hospital. Antibiotics don’t work, but we’ll do our best to save your life.”

A few brave physicians thwarted the direction of the CDC and major medical centers, Big Pharma and even their own licensing board. They took a Hippocratic Oath to do no harm and they took that seriously.  They worried less about themselves and poured all they had into saving lives, some ending up in the hospital themselves. In a time when we are so in need of heroes I can tell you the names of a few—but then they might be at risk from their own profession. Clearly, something is very, very wrong.

The treatment is easy, effective and surprisingly inexpensive…

  1. Vitamins: Sunshine (Vitamin D) —tough to get that locked in your home but Amazon can deliver Vitamin D3 right to the front door. Per Dr. Cole, we don’t have a flu season we have a low Vitamin D season–every cell in your body, every nucleus has a receptor for vitamin D. 2,000 genes in your body are controlled by vitamin D. 5% of your body’s genome controlled by vitamin D. It is the master key to your immune system. 0 to 80% of all Americans are immune suppressed because they are D-deficient. Additionally, 80% of Americans are magnesium deficient. Magnesium helps with sleep and other bodily functions.  Take it.
  2. Weight Loss: Obesity drastically reduces your ability to get vitamin D into your circulation. D is a fat-soluble vitamin. The heavier set you are, the more vitamin D dissipates into fat and not into your circulation to stimulate your immune system. Up to 80% of healthcare costs in America can be tied directly to weight. While we fight with one another over masks, perhaps we need to teach our children how to maintain a healthy eating and exercise regime. And this part of the prescription is free. Even Bill Maher is on board as he drolly shared recently, “The real killer is in the house and her name is Little Debbie.”
  3. Ivermectin: All of our farmers and dog lovers know what this is, it’s an anti-parasitic that happens to help with virus, including coronavirus to the tune of 99.9% in Petri dish studies. Gross, perhaps, but incredibly effective. All the hospitals in Houston are using it and they have decreased the death rate by 70 to 90%. The cost for a full course is about 30 bucks. 4 billion people on the planet have taken this medication. It’s safe and cheap.

The treatments that have been provided to date, in the hospital, only work when given very early in the diagnosis and not nearly as well as sunshine, weight loss and anti-worm meds.

So why would the entire US healthcare industry intentionally ignore any treatment for COVID? Follow the money trail. That’s good advice for nearly anything in the world in which we live. If there’s a treatment for a disease, the federal government cannot approve a vaccine by law. The National Institute of Health, involved in approving medications is a co-holder of the patent and the “Vaccine” with Moderna. In healthcare this sort of thing is illegal, based on Stark Laws.

After 30 years of working in healthcare I’ll admit to a bit of cynicism. I’ve earned it and I’ve seen some things that I can’t unsee.

Dr. Cole is a white male. Dr. Stella Immanuel is an African American female. No one listened to her and worse than that ridiculed her. At this moment in time, I do hope that the truth is revealed and both Cole and Immanuel are lauded for their bravery.

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