Kobe Bryant: Girls Basketball Coach

January 26, 2020 — I woke to the tragic news that Kobe Bryant, his young daughter Gianna and 7 other people lost their lives. As most Americans headed to church, 9 peopled died in a fiery helicopter crash that ended on a California hillside in the fog of a Sunday morning. Like many people with […]

Living A Brand

Blog Hero: Living a Brand

Tonight, I sat at a favorite bar in a brand new boutique hotel in downtown Franklin, Tennessee, named after the same river that meanders east, west, north and south throughout Williamson County—the Harpeth. After a few choice cocktails, I had to make a quick exist to the lady’s room. As I peered in the mirror, […]

New Year’s 2020

After creating so much content for clients, it can be challenging to stop the presses for a moment to develop our content (the cobbler’s children have no shoes, etc.). But as 2019 comes to an end and a new decade is upon us, it feels right to take a moment and review things at the […]

Central American Beauty

Central American Beauty

My daughter fell in love with the Nicaraguan people after nearly a year teaching at orphanages in the capital city and in the rural mountain areas of this Central American country. These orphanages were filled with children the government had taken from parents in this desperately poor nation—you can only imagine the abuse and neglect […]

Gratitude and Letting Go

Tonight, I was able to stop time. I had to take my son back to college. It was dark and warm, with an early September breeze hinting at fall. As we drove through the night with the top down, he asked if he could play some new songs over the car speakers. He was chatty […]

Social Media and The Business of Healthcare. A Double-Edged Sword.

Perhaps. Social media as a channel has been around for 40+ years. Consumer brands embraced social first, as a way to communicate with consumers and expand reach. When advertising on social media began, those same brands started pouring millions of dollars into filling newsfeeds with ads. The business of healthcare was and is a little […]

Uniquely American: 911 and the Heroes of United Flight 93

“Are you guys ready? Ok, let’s roll!” Todd Beamer from Flint, MI Tom Burnett from Bloomington, MN Mark Bingham from Los Gatos, CA Jeremy Glick from Saddle River, NJ They led the revolt on United 93, saving countless lives. Even facing their own deaths, they demanded to be in control of their own destiny. They […]

The Death of Journalism

Blog Hero: Fake News and the Death of Journalism

Dearly Departed, We are gathered here today to say farewell to journalism—journalism degrees, journalism as a career, any respect for the news in general. Dead, dead, dead. I’m just a month shy of 54. When I was in college circa 1983 to 1987, Journalism was still a thing. In fact, I married a journalist (the […]

City of Zombies

Blog Hero: City of Zombies

I’ve had the opportunity to visit the West Coast twice in the past few months. Typically, travel is business related but these were both pleasure trips, a rare experience for the members of the convent. Although the visits were enjoyable while we ate and laughed our way through San Francisco and Seattle, it was tough […]

Something Sweet In Seattle

Blog Hero: Something Sweet: Serious Pie & Biscuit

After a week in the Pacific Northwest visiting Vancouver and Seattle (the city British Columbians say is “just like here but 2 hours south”) I can say without bias that the brands I’ve experienced are some of best work I’ve been witness to in some time. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been working in healthcare too […]